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Herbal Incense Smoke articles and Incense Smoke Reviews on 50 State Legal Herbal Incense Highs. Buying Incense Blends from a Legal Incense Herbal Smoke Head Shop gets you high and its becoming the new legal smoking choice for many, because they really work and are the best Legal Herbal High.

Smoking herbs is nothing new, it has been used for ages by all human civilizations for ceremonial purposes. Herbal Incense Blends are made of a collection of plants, entheogens, and other rare botanical extracts, designed to help you see things from a different perspective. The pleasing aroma of herbal incense blends from a good online head shop or smoke shop will stimulate the senses and make your cares and stress just melt away.

Some incense herbal blends contain prohibited herbs and entheogens in their ingredients resulting in a product that is totally illegal in many US States. This is not the case with herbal incenses from the Incense Smoke Shop we recommend. All of the products from our recommended sites are allowed by law and are free from toxic, harmful, and illegal ingredients and can be freely purchased by any US citizen.

We gathered some articles on Incense Herbal Smoking, Herbal Incense Legal Highs smoking subjects and some recommended Incense Head Shops below. So sit back, relax, smoke a legal one and read some legal incense smoking articles.


Herbal Incense

What is herbal incense? Herbal incense is another smoking choice for people who like to smoke. Now, smoking legal herb happens to fall in the "legal" category, whereas some of the other things that folks choose to smoke are not. But that doesn't mean that incense herbal based products are legal marijuana —far from it. Some people do refer to herbal incense as smoking legal bud, but the fact is that human beings have been smoking herbal blends that put them at ease, help them to relax and unwind, and put them in touch with the spiritual side of life for thousands of years.


A Short History of Incense Herbal Smoking

A long, long time ago, Ug the Caveman came home from a hard day of chasing mammoths, and looked around for something to relax. He threw the first thing he saw (a nice pot of herbal incense his woman had prepared) on the fire, lay down next to it to sleep...and began to have very vivid dreams. Well, it might have happened that way. Cultures as diverse as African, Chinese, Indian, Native American, and even European have been shown to have roots in smoking herbal incense. In Africa, hemp cults smoking herbs used the smoking ritual much as Native American Indian tribes used the peace pipe in North America—to seal peace agreements, trade deals, or business transactions. Ancient Chinese shamans, known as wu, were smoking legal buds long before the war on drugs in order to communicate with the spirits. Then there's the Native Americans. Though they weren't smoking legal bud back then, they were definitely lighting up plenty of incense herbal potpourri. Everything from sweetgrass to cedar to sage went inside the peace pipe, and everyone inside the Sweat Lodge then experienced a group smoking high together. And even in Europe, where stiff penalties for possession of that that other herb dominate, linguistic evidence shows that Germanic tribes were smoking legal buds of a cannabis type no later than 500 B.C.


Present Day Incense Herbal

So, where are we now? Does society still use these incense herbal smoking rituals for relaxation and meditation? Everyone knows the answer to this question is no. Although smoking herbs like marijuana is tolerated in some places (San Francisco and Amsterdam come to mind) there is no place on earth where these psychoactive plants are legal free and clear.

Enter the appearance of modern-day incense herbal products around 2000. Though psychoactive plants and herbs had always existed, the herbal incense industry was given a boost in 1995 when organic chemistry professor John Huffman managed to synthesize a number of chemicals that became known as "cannabinoids". The chemicals showed many of the same effects as THC, but without any of the negative side effects such as paranoia and memory loss.

Beginning around 2004, incense herbal smoking products sprayed with one of more of the cannabinoid. These cannabinoid—with chemical sounding names like JWH-018, JWH-200, CP-47, and JWH-073—are what led people to begin referring to incense herbal smoking as "smoking legal herb". The advantages of these new smoking herbs included no known side effects, no fear of failed drug tests or record of criminal charges, and proven relaxing and stimulating effects.


Advantages of Incense Herbal Products

A lot of folks in modern society need to pass a drug test at some point in their life. In fact, a whole lot of them need to be able to pass a random drug test and have it show that they don't even know what a smoking high is. Consequences for a failed drug test might include job loss, punitive discipline measures in professional sports, or even actual prison time. Little wonder, then, that after thousands of years of smoking rituals suddenly brought to an end by the government, people reluctant to give up their favorite method of relaxing turned to smoking herbal blends.

One very simple and understandable advantage of smoking herbal incense is that these products are still very much legal. Although the DEA is constantly on the move trying to ban more and more of them, the manufacturers are wise to this and constantly change their product formulas so as to ensure maximum legality in the most states possible.


The Future of Smoking Legal Herb

Plenty of people in authority are now asking each other, "What is herbal incense?" out of fear or ignorance. Since none of them actually knows, this kind of talk fans the flames of paranoia until soon they've convinced themselves that all kinds of incense herbal are the same as marijuana and need to be banned. Opponents of herbal incense bring up concerns such as, "We don't know what's in these products."

The irony of this is that these are the same people that consume any number of food products every day that they have no idea of the ingredients. Your average fast food product has things like trans fats, refined grains, sat, and high-fructose corn syrup, all of which have been proven scientifically to have negative effects on health in excessive amounts. It seems once again the victors set the rules on what is "good" for you and what isn't, as the unhealthy American diet continues to grow while persecution for connoisseurs of smoking legal herb continues to increase.

But the good news for those who have grown to love herbal incense smoking is that, like Darth Vader in the Sci-Fi classic Star Wars, the more herbal incense products the DEA tries to outlaw, the more new products will pop up on the market. No matter how many substances they ban or place on the controlled substances list, there will always be more, because you just can't fight 5000 years of human history.

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